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Allwell Medical is dedicated in wound dressing, ostomy care products, rehabilitation products for the global healthcare market, as well as services for hospital, general practitioners and the homecare sector.Through our continuous efforts, the company contributes the innovative products and services towards to patients, doctors and nursing staff all over the world. We are committed to keep innovation to make the patients’ lives difference.

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Address:Room 109,Building C,NO.209 Wenchang Road, Longwan District, Wenzhou, China


  • Alginate Dressings

    Alginate wound dressing is a pretty soft dressing, composed of fine texture alginate fiber. It gels while meeting the exudation of wound because of exchanging between Calcium Ion and sodium ion. Thus, the wound will be in a moist environment that will accelerate the wound healing. Besides, the release of calcium ion can activate thrombinogen and improve hemostasis.

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