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I.V.Cannula Dressing


Product Advantages

High Permeability: avoid skin by soaking

Preventing the bacteria invasion: No risk of external infection

Waterproof: patient can take shower or tubbing

Transparence: wound could be observed any time

Softness and comfort: suit for different body part, low allergies

Strong viscosity: adhering to the wound for one week

Safety and Convenience: the products structure we designed can make it be pasted faster and more accurate

Variety of sizes: different style , more choices for clinic using



Fixing I.V Catheter, PICC and CVC

Fixing anaesthesia catheter, pulmonary artery catheter, hemodialysis catheter and PCA

Care for friction skin or wet skin, such as skin care after trachea incision, skin care when gatism, bedsore precaution

Care for slight bruise, cut, suturing wound

Accessorial dressing for fixing other dressings



Regular products

Description         P/N           Size               Pcs/Bag        Pcs/box           Remark

Sterile dressing     S1103     6cm*7cm           1              100                CCK style

Sterile dressing     S1109     10cm*12cm        1             100                 CCK style