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Post Operation Dressing





Product Discription:

1.Good closing environment can protect wound area from bacteria invasion.

2.Used by water-rejective spunlace non-woven fabric(45-50g/m2  )and Spunlaced non-woven fabric,spunlaced non-woven fabric covered by PU film,and high-permeable pu film.

3.Special acrylic resin glue with low allergy: glue coating 30-50g/m2 ; good initiating, constant and re-adhesive viscidity, suitable peeling strength; no pain when peeled off; rare warping and can stick on skin for a long-time.

4.Advanced coating techniques, excellent breathability and permeability; low allergy.

5.Absorbency of pad is more than 8 times,The pad won't stick on wound, so it is easy to peel off and avoid secondary hurt.

6.Waterproof spunlace woven fabric dressing and pu film dressingcan protect wound area from water, so patients could take shower when they use it.

7.Humanized design, all kinds of sizes give you more choice for clinical using.


      Closure and fixing for all kinds of wound, such as: postoperative wound, chronic wound, small cut wound and bruise.




              1. Clean the wound

              2. Peel off the release paper,press the dressing on the wound and smooth it.

              3. For awkward wounds,using under the direction of the medical professionals.