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Alginate Wound Dressing



Alginate wound dressing is a pretty soft dressing, composed of fine texture alginate fiber. It gels while meeting the exudation of wound because of exchanging between Calcium Ion and sodium ion. Thus, the wound will be in a moist environment that will accelerate the wound healing. Besides, the release of calcium ion can activate thrombinogen and improve hemostasis.

1. Fiber and calcium ion extracted from natural algae, good compatibility.
2. Gels while meeting the exudation, which can protect wound surface and accelerate wound healing.
3. It can absorb exudation effectively in abundance.
4.The release of calcium ion can activate thrombinogen and improve hemostasis.
5.Do not stick to the wound, no residue.

Technical data
Good absorbency and gelation; Viscosity coefficient>800cp Ash<0.5%, fibre denier: 1.5D strength: 1.5g/D elongation at break>10%, Water absorption multiplying factor >8-10; bacteriostasis ratio>80%; Needle punctured nonwoven fabric and filling stripe can be provided.

1. Acute and chronic wounds and infected wounds for hemostasis
2. Clearing the wound exudation and accelerate the granulation growth and help wound healing;
3. The alginate padding is used in the lacuna, antrum wounds, such as nasal cavity, anus and intestines.

Alginate wound dressing is high-end dressing processed by special technologies, composed of alginate fibre extracted from natural seaweed and calcium ion. 

1, Chose suitable dressing according to the wound size
2, Sterilize wound with tincture of iodine, then stick the dressing after the surrounding skin becomes dry.
3, Pad the wound with alginate wound dressing after visual observing of the wound size and depth.
4, Replace the wound dressing when it is soaked with exudation. In the beginning, it usually needs changing everyday. When granulation grows, the exudation becomes less, the frequency of changing wound dressing should be less accordingly, and it can be used for no more than 7 days.
1, Not applicable for dry wound surface.
2, Clean the wound and dry the surrounding skin before using.
3, The dressing size should exceed the wound edge about 2cm.
4, The dressing can stay on the wound no longer than 7 days.
5, When exudation becomes less, stop using and change to use other range of dressing.
6, When using strip alginate wound dressing, oberve the size and depth of the wound. Then, pad the wound from the bottom without gap, or it will affect healing of the wound.

Specification of some models:


Description Model Size Piece/box Remark

Alginate wound dressing















5 strip/box